Caring for Silk



Delicate and refined, our clothing is made from lightweight, liable to wear & tear, soft and supple silks. 

Silk is a natural fiber and our fabrics can sometimes feature small irregularities that should be considered unique characteristics of each garment.

Known for its lustrous look and feel, silk is considered the most luxurious of natural fibers, and due to its air permeable properties the fabric naturally adjusts seamlessly to your body temperature; perfect for warm weather conditions, and provides light-weight insulation in the cold.

Maintaining a comfortable temperature, making it an excellent year-round fiber to wear.

Silk contains natural cellular albumen fiber, a component that contributes to the health of the skin. It is said to speed up the metabolism of skin cells, and have anti-aging effects. Maintaining the moisture balance of the skin, silk can also sooth itchy or dry skin in winter.

Silk also contains Sericin, an anti-acarid property that keeps biting insects at bay and prevents the growth of mites and mold, making it the best choice for sensitive skin.



The best way to care for your silk is to dry-clean or hand wash to preserve garments in the best condition.

Cover any greasy stains with talk powder and let it rest overnight. Repeat if necessary.

Wash your silk clothing after using, dirt can affect the original gloss of the threads or start molding.

Soak the garments shortly, up to 5 minutes only.

Use lukewarm water and a neutral detergent or a mild shampoo.

Gently shake or drip dry in the shade, do not twist or wring.

Place the garment horizontally between two towels to dry.

Avoid placing the garment in direct sunlight.

Get rid of wrinkles by hanging the clothing in a hot shower.

Pop into a plastic bag in the freezer for an hour, it will make ironing even easier.

When ironing, use low heat or if available, silk-setting.

Always iron on the inside of the garment, preferably with a thin cloth between iron and garment.

When storing roll the fabric instead of folding it. Do not use mothballs.

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