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LA BISALTA COLLECTION Delizia silk dress


Transcending cultures and connecting the world through timeless elegance and a touch of European laissez-faire.
Blending Italian design with silk and fabric from all of Asia produced in Thailand.
Creating strong minimalist styles in soft fabrics for the modern woman.

Versatile design allowing women to express their personal style without all the noise.

Women should feel comfortable in their own skin by an extension of clothing that shows off the best features of their figures.

Silk subtly draping around curvy contours and undulating folds of fabric shimmering in reflecting light.

The power of simplicity and passion; Silhouettes combining comfort and class.

Designed with function and flexibility; Our collections offer solid essentials that can be worn and styled in different ways.

Connecting the world through travelThe ultimate holiday essentials; easy to wash and light to pack elegant resort looks.


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